The care provided by Amy and her team was amazing. You have caring compassionate staff.
Thank you - Daughter of Client
Mom wants to stay at home, but her needs are increasing and I can't handle the stress...
Services are exemplary. Staff exhibits the virtues of compassion, kindness caring and willingness to assist. They have been very helpful to my mom and our entire family
Judy B - Daughter of Client
I worry that the police will call when they find dad wandering the street.
Amy's Helping Hands has been a God send to my family. Being so far away from my grandmother is very difficult. But knowing that she is being cared for by her 2 caregivers and Amy's oversight lessens my worries and puts my heart at ease knowing how well she is being cared for!
Thank you Amy & staff. God Bless you all.
Ani D - Granddaughter of Client
Mom's memory isn't the same. I am worried she will leave the stove on
It gives me a good feeling of security to know that if I cannot be there for my parents in a time of need Amy's Staff will make sure they are safe and their needs are taken care of
Trudy A. - Daughter
Mom keeps taking the wrong pills at the wrong times of day. I worry she is not taking her medication
My mother has Alzheimer's Disease and her care from Amy's Helping Hands is exceptional my mom enjoy's her time with her caregiver greatly
Sarah M. - Daughter of Client
The facility mom is in is great, but because of her memory she needs extra attention!
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Amy's Helping Hands allows me to stay in my home which is very important to me
Jack L - Client

Exceptional Care for Seniors

Amy’s Helping Hands is a local family-owned company dedicated to providing personalized customized elderly in home care services. Our senior care services are tailored around your family needs and designed to keep seniors independent healthy and safe, reducing stress on families and reducing the burden on the health care system.

Our services are overseen by nurse care managers to ensure all health, medical, social and safety needs are all being met. Feel free to learn how our IN HOME CARE SERVICES and caregivers can meet your family needs:

Why we are here

As an organization every single one of us believe seniors deserve exceptional care. We believe in enhancing the quality of life of seniors and their families. We strive to exceed and change the standards in the senior care industry.

How we do it

We only hire staff we would place with our own family. They follow our strict policies and procedures and fit our special mould of being an exceptional caregiver.

What we Provide

Care is managed and overseen by social worker and nursing case managers. We screen, hire, train, coach, match, schedule, oversee and manage your care, all on your schedule designed around the client and family needs 24/7/365. We help our clients in their homes, retirement & nursing homes and hospitals. We provide everything from 2 hour companionship to 24 hour care, palliative care, nursing care and everything in between. Including medical alarms, memory therapy, foot care, and our adult day program.



Learn from some of the families we have had the honour to help

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Learn from our staff if this is the right career for you

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Helpful Information

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