In Hospital Care & Going Home From Hospital

In Hospital Care & Going Home From Hospital



Your mom or dad has had a setback which resulted in a hospital admission. You work, have kids and can’t be in 3 places at once. Many times being in a hospital can be scary and you want mom or dad to have that extra attention to help them recover. We understand how difficult these situations can be!

We can assist with bedside care, companionship, assistance with eating meals, getting your loved one mobile and outside for some fresh air. Sometimes patients are restrained in hospital if they don’t have someone by their side – we can provide that added support to prevent it. We can also be there during life’s last transitions so that your loved one does not pass away alone.

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Being discharged from the hospital can be challenging as a number of factors may have changed in the care of your loved one.

We are always available to help and assist our clients navigating the health care system. All our services are overseen by experienced nurse case managers, who advocate on your behalf and assist you through the transitions.

Having a plan with the proper tools, resources and empowered with the appropriate questions to ask prior to discharge can make all the difference in ensuring the transition back home goes as smooth as possible and prevent possible hospital re-admission. To obtain our 12 page booklet to assist in guiding through the system fill out the form below and the PDF guide will be emailed to you.