COPD Flyer Free Download

If you're providing care for a loved one who struggles with COPD, you are most likely aware that outdoor air pollutants can exacerbate symptoms. However, did you realize that bad air quality in the home can also be concerning? 

Our FREE COPD Tip Sheet describes tips to prevent COPD or worsening COPD symptoms, signs that indicate a call to the doctor is needed and describes a breathing exercise that can help relieve the symptoms of COPD.

To download this helpful resource, simply complete the short form, and you’ll receive instant access to our COPD Tips flyer.

COPD sufferers can breathe easier with the assistance of Amy’s Helping Hands. We can address:

  • Education about COPD disease management 
  • Exercises to improve symptoms
  • Nutrition and dietary guidance
  • Psychosocial support 
  • Skills to best cope with symptoms

For more tips on COPD care or to hire professional, reliable and compassionate in-home care or caregiver respite services, contact Amy’s Helping Hands at 519-915-4370.