Care Management Process

What Amy's Helping Hands provides behind the scene to ensure high quality care.

  1. All caregivers are employees we ensure both extensive personal and professional references are checked and verified.
  2. Caregivers go through group and one-on-one interviews.
  3. Caregivers receive orientation and training to ensure they follow policies and procedures along with the extra training on being an excellent compassionate caregiver.
  4. All caregivers must provide criminal background checks and have clean driving records.
  5. All caregivers must be free of communicable disease and have negative TB tests.
  6. We provide backup caregivers in the event of an emergency so that there is no interruption of service.
  7. We provide an immediate replacement caregiver in the event the initial caregiver does not match appropriately with your needs.
  8. We perform all employer duties, remitting withholding taxes, income taxes, WSIB coverage and all other government remittances.
  9. All employees are bonded and insured.
  10. We ensure all wages and contracts are implemented appropriately.
  11. We provide 24/7/365 on call support.
  12. We provide nurse and social work case managers to continually oversee your care, provide social work, case management and supports, spot checks and care plan implementation.
  13. We provide a care plan book which documents progress ensures the care is being provided appropriately and ensures all people are informed of status changes in your loved ones care. This can be used as a tool with your healthcare provider to ensure better continuity of care.
  14. Arrival Accountability - We utilize an automated clock in/out system to ensure arrival and departure. This ensures that we know when our staff shows up, we are alerted if they are late and can address issues quickly if they arise.
  15. We have an extensive caregiving staff with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and languages to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are large enough to service our clients in Windsor and all of Essex County but small enough to care, and provide a high level of communication and service.
  16. We can provide you with your own client login so you can review caregiver notes remotely from anywhere in the world, providing you with updates and peace of mind regarding the care your loved one is receiving.
  17. We boast an office support staff of 9+ to ensure all your needs are being met from a client care, scheduling, caregiver matching, billing and accounts payables perspectives.



Listening to our clients and their families, our caring staff endeavors to fulfill their special requests and needs.


Our thorough assessment process takes place in the location the client calls home; allowing us to observe their environment and personalize the care plan from nutritional, medical, safety needs all the way through to understanding personalities, and individual likes, dislikes and recreational activities.


Based on the client's individualized services requirements, a comprehensive care plan is developed in consultation with the client and/or family. Because of our thorough assessment we are able to match our caregivers to our clients to provide the best connection.


The caregiver is introduced to the client by our Care Manager during the initial visit, at which time the caregiver gets familiarized with the client in their own environment.


Our philosophy is where possible we assist and "do with" our senior clients vs. "do for" our clients. By keeping seniors active and involved in their own care it leads to improved quality of life and sense of self worth and accomplishment.


We monitor and communicate with our clients on a regular basis. We will review the Care Plan regularly with our clients. Random quality assurance visits will also take place by the Care Manager to monitor the appropriate implementation of the Care Plan.