Caring for Ageing Parents While Working? Reduce Stress with These tips!

Caring for Ageing Parents While Working? Reduce Stress with These tips!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives in one way or another: physical, mental, financial – you name it. The resulting stress has been particularly hard on those who are caring for ageing parents while working – something that is already incredibly stressful without adding a pandemic to the mix.

Perhaps you feel as though you’re unable to perform either job to your best ability. You may be wondering if it’s even possible to achieve a healthy life balance between these two important roles in your life. And while we all know that self-care is crucial to our wellbeing, who has time to take care of their own needs while striving to meet the needs of everyone else?

If this reflects your own internal dialogue, we suggest you take just a few quick moments to review the following tips to help you better manage both responsibilities.

  1. Review finances. It’s likely not a conversation you want to have with your ageing parents, but it is important to raise the topic now before you discover yourself in crisis mode. Are your parents financially secure, or do you need to begin putting aside funds for upcoming care needs? Do your parents have a long-term care insurance plan? Has any preplanning been taken care of for end-of-life costs?
  2. Investigate benefits. Both your parents and you as their caregiver may be missing out on available benefits. For instance, the Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit (CRCB) provides income support to employed Canadians who require time away from work to care for a family member.
  3. Weigh the pros and cons of keeping your career. The requirements of caring for ageing parents while working outside of the home cause many family members to end or pause their careers. However, this is never a decision that ought to be made lightly. Not only will you lose your source of income, but your sense of self-identity will also be impacted. There is a less drastic approach to resolving the stress of maintaining both roles: partnering with a professional in-home care agency, like Amy’s Helping Hands, to fill in the gaps in care.

As the leading provider of senior care in Windsor, Ontario and the surrounding areas, Amy’s Helping Hands is here to help you find the healthy life balance you need. We can provide a highly trained and experienced caregiver for the care, support, and companionship  ageing parents need and deserve, while permitting you to focus on your career, self-care, and other needs. Seniors receive the benefit of socialization, fun activities, and more; a win-win! Contact us for an in-home consultation today at 519-915-4370.