How to Make Dementia Care More Fun and Effective Through Improv

How to Make Dementia Care More Fun and Effective Through Improv

Improvisation is a valuable tool when it comes to dementia care. It will allow our caregivers to connect and engage with our seniors facing cognitive challenges. By embracing unforeseen twists, improvisation helps caregivers learn more about our seniors with dementia care. Its spontaneity fosters creativity, adaptability, and lightheartedness helping to make dementia care more fun and effective for both our caregivers and our seniors.

So, How Exactly Does Improv in Dementia Care Work?

Improv in dementia care helps to create a supportive environment for individuals to express themselves authentically. By prioritizing active listening and refraining from correcting all the time, we can build respect and understanding. This approach encourages our seniors to freely share their thoughts and emotions, promoting their well-being. 

Listed here are a couple of Improv activity tips to try. After you have a sense of how it works, the sky's the limit.  Use your own creativity and knowledge of the seniors you are providing care for to develop ideas that will work best for you. 

-Yes, and…:- Incorporating the “Yes, and …” strategy is important when interacting with a senior with dementia. Rather than correcting them, agree with their statements and show interest in what they are saying or thinking.  For example, if they mention baking cookies for their son to take to school,  respond positively and ask them to share more about what’s happening at school. The aim is to affirm their ideas and help to keep the conversation flowing.

-Picnic: By packing a picnic basket with items that start with each letter of the alphabet. The caregiver will be able to modify this task back on the individual’s ability level. Any item they mention, whether it starts with the correct letter or not, is acceptable. 

-What’s in the box?: By holding the box in your hands, feeling its weight and texture. Slowly open the lid and reveal the empty space inside. By handing the box to a loved one asking them what they would like to put into it.  With a confident tone, encourage them to share more using the “Yes, and…” prompt. Alternatively, by asking them to hand the box back to the caregiver, allowing the caregiver to decide what should go inside the box and continue passing the box back and forth  as long as the senior is engaged and interested. 

Our Alzheimer’s care team has plenty of innovative suggestions to help make each day the very best it can be for our seniors. Contact us at 519-915-4370 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can  help make dementia care more fun and effective for both you and your skilled dementia care in Windsor and Essex counties.