Mom or Dad is Coming Home from the Hospital…. What to expect.

Mom or Dad is Coming Home from the Hospital…. What to expect.

When your loved one has been in the hospital, coming home can bring many changes and challenges.  Whether it is living alone after a medical event or moving in with family members, a plan is needed before coming home.

Prepare for the fact that Life is going to change – Things to consider are:

•         The level of support they may need for the short and long term

•         Changes in medications

•         Managing time for appointments and rehab visits

•         Their ability to get around

•         Anxieties about if or when the next hospitalization may occur

•         How much support will they need to be comfortable?

•         Do I have enough time to adequately care for them?

Talk to the professionals in the social work and discharge planning departments at the hospital and CCAC about what to expect. Base your plan upon their suggestions. It may be recommended you obtain or purchase and install home supportive equipment such as lifts, showering chair, grab bars, wheelchair, hospital bed, and a personal response system for emergencies. Preparation prior to your loved one returning home is important. If you don’t require the equipment for the long term, rentals can sometimes be found.

It’s OK to Get Help

Life will be busy, hopefully you are confident that you can manage your loved ones increased care needs. Many times there can be considerable stress in trying to balance your new caregiver role, your job or career and your family responsibilities. Sometimes having an extra set of helping hand with the right professional home care company like Amy’s Helping Hands can make all the difference in ensuring a speedy recovery and maintain peace of mind. We have 24-hour and Live-In care all the way down to hourly schedules, you have the flexibility to change the level of care as your loved one’s health and ability improves. We also provide additional care in the hospital to help ensure a speedy return home by focusing on an individualized care plan and services that fit the needs of you and your loved one.

You Can Do It

Be thankful that your loved one is healthy and able enough to return to a familiar home environment where they can feel more comfortable and less like a patient. You’re not alone in your challenges. Support, help and resources are all available. Seek them out and use what is available. Realize that helping your loved one through this difficult time is honouring them and may someday provide you with treasured memories.