Caregiving by Yourself? These Tips Can Help!

Caregiving by Yourself? These Tips Can Help!

The poet John Donne penned the famous words, “No man is an island,” but for an adult child without siblings, caring for aging parents may leave you feeling very alone indeed. Without brothers and sisters to share in care duties and decisions, everything falls on your shoulders. How can you manage all of the responsibilities necessary if you’re caregiving by yourself?

From a positive perspective, providing senior care without the input of siblings can actually be easier and more streamlined. An only child doesn’t have to get input from multiple people and try to arrive at a consensus on important decisions. There are no arguments and past family dynamics to enter into the equation. 

With that in mind, however, there are some key factors to consider when caring for a loved one on your own:

  • Be vigilant in watching for warning signs that could indicate a need for intervention: bills left unpaid, medications being missed, mobility issues that could lead to a fall, neglected personal hygiene or home upkeep, etc.
  • Have a conversation with the person, asking open-ended, non-judgmental questions. Listen to and respect their responses and include them in their care decisions as much as possible, according to their cognitive ability. 
  • Accompany them to meet with their attorney to ensure all necessary paperwork is in place, such as a power of attorney, will, and health care directive, and that you are listed as the executor, if the person chooses and agrees. 

It’s also an ideal time to discuss the person’s future living arrangement wishes. Would they prefer to move to an assisted living facility if that becomes necessary, or do they hope to remain at home for a lifetime? In-home care is very often a viable option for older adults who want to age in place at home, and there are a variety of helpful community resources to assist you in solo caregiving. Contact Amy’s Helping Hands, the Windsor, Ontario elder care experts, at 519-915-4370 for an in-home consultation to learn how we can support you in caring for someone you love.