The Benefits of Social Media for Seniors ( and Family Caregivers)

The Benefits of Social Media for Seniors ( and Family Caregivers)

Many of our seniors are embracing social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Seniors are discovering that these platforms are not only enjoyable but also offer great advantages.

Are your loved ones participating? Here are five ways social media platforms are beneficial for seniors.

  1. Social Media keeps families Close- it is a common sentiment with our loved ones wishing they heard more often from their families. With newer technology  such as smartphones, one would think that calls to loved ones would be more frequent. Though it does seem that these phones are used more for connecting through other means , especially social media.  Many seniors are realizing that joining the social media platform like facebook is making it easier to stay connected and keep up with their loved ones lives. This also allows them to be more comfortable with conversations between generations, surpassing what most would experience through phone calls.

  1. Family Photo and Video Sharing-  With the rise of digital photography it has made it easier for families to share memories through social media.  Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter allow our users to share photos instantly allowing grandparents to see pictures of their grandchildren taken moments ago.   

Home movies have always been a cherished way to relive family moments. In the past sharing these videos have often experienced delays due to camera or VCR malfunctions. However with newer technology smartphones are equipped with video cameras, allowing more and more family members to capture videos and share them online. 

Our loved ones are now able to get “home movies” on YouTube, Facebook and other sides

  1. Online Coupons and Other Discounts- Saving money is important to everyone, especially seniors who are on a fixed income. Social media can offer various opportunities to save money such as discounts on Facebook, coupons from Twitter and other deals from sites like Groupon. Social media can be fun and also help seniors save money.

  1. Family Peace of Mind-  Living apart from loved ones can cause anxiety for seniors and their families. Social media provides a convenient way for seniors and their family caregivers to participate regularly and offer peace of mind to both parties. 

  1. Community Engagement and Belonging- Socializing is important for seniors who spend most of their time alone at home. It can be hard for those who are not able to leave their house to be around others. However, social media can offer a solution by allowing seniors to connect with family and friends and be part of a community without leaving their homes. It can help provide the opportunity to never feel alone, even when they are the only ones in the house. 

There are a number of reasons why to encourage seniors to engage in social networks. If the previous five reasons are not enough, there are many more. Also try to consider the benefits of social media for yourself as well. Let’s also continue to assist our loved ones in getting connected. 

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