Top Senior Technology Tools to Promote Safe Living at Home

Top Senior Technology Tools to Promote Safe Living at Home

“You are always free to choose what you do with your life. To make changes in your future, make new choices today”- Brian Tracy

When it comes to choosing a place to live in, later years can be challenging. Many older adults prefer to stay in their home, but there are concerns to consider. Safety, mobility issues, and physical limitations are important factors to think about.  What if a loved one falls and needs help?

There are a number of senior friendly technology tools available to allow our loved ones to remain at home comfortably.  As technology continues to advance, providing solutions to help when challenges arise due to aging. Let’s explore some of the tech devices and how they are enhancing the lives of seniors at home.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is revolutionizing the way our loved ones are able to connect with their doctors. With the use of wearable devices, smart pill bottles, bio-ingestible capsules and even electronic tattoos, vital signs and medical conditions can be monitored in extraordinary ways. This goes beyond the limitations of telehealth appointments. It also helps provide doctors with a more in-depth understanding of a person’s medical condition.

Home Safety 

Smart devices can offer some peace of mind to a senior living alone and their concerned family members. There are a number of products available to cater to specific needs, such as smart doorbells, door locks and fire alarms. As an alternative, seniors can opt for a comprehensive smart security system that includes all these features and more.

Having a smart speaker system, like Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio, can operate through voice command, making it an essential part of a home's technology system. By using a simple voice request such as calling for assistance, the older adult can rely on technology to handle it efficiently. 

Whole Home Automation

Having a central control system is perfect for tech enthusiasts who want to fully embrace technology.  With the use of a tablet or a smartphone, you can easily control various functions such as lights, security camera systems, sensors, window shades, thermostat, music, Wi-Fi and much more. It is an easy and efficient way to manage your home or office.

Technology can offer a number of advantages for our loved ones highlighted by Micheal Miller, author of My Smart Home for Seniors. By automating tasks that can be challenging, technology can help to provide assistance and convenience to all homeowners, with a particular focus on seniors.

For independent and safe living at home, a human touch is essential, regardless of the tech tools we use.  Contact Amy’s Helping Hands, the Windsor, Ontario home care experts at 519-915-4370 for a free in-home assessment. Discover our customized in-home care support that helps seniors live life to the fullest.