Amy’s Helping Hands Tips: When a Senior Parent Refuses Regular Medical Checkups

Amy’s Helping Hands Tips: When a Senior Parent Refuses Regular Medical Checkups

Amy’s Helping Hands understands: many of us delay visiting the doctor's office because it may be awkward and downright distressing when something is wrong and we're looking at the chance of an unwanted diagnosis. However, we also recognize it is sensible to accomplish what is best for our overall health and be to diligent about obtaining essential medical care. 

For older adults, a range of other factors come into play as well, oftentimes contributing to the choice to forego that check-up or follow-up appointment, even though it's clearly not in their best interest. Whenever a senior loved one digs in her heels, refusing to see the doctor, it is beneficial to first understand why the resistance is happening, to address those worries, and after that to determine how best to give support.

One of the primary reasons seniors shun healthcare appointments and procedures is fear. It might seem better and simpler just to dismiss symptoms and hope they will fix themselves on their own. For others, the concern might be financial. Or they could want to steer clear of the awkwardness of being reminded of a weight problem, or to acknowledge living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that it’s very important for older adults to look after their own health, which calls for routine medical examinations and staying proactive in bringing to light any concerns. So as an adult child, how can you best help overcome your parent’s objections to seeing the physician?

At Amy’s Helping Hands, we’ve learned that probably one of the most worthwhile methods to persuade aging parents to take care of themselves is through their adult children expressing what it means to them. Our parents have taken care of us all of our lives, and want what is most beneficial for us. Sharing your point of view can make a difference towards convincing them of the necessity and subsequently encouraging them to remain healthy. For instance, try starting the discussion like this:

“Mom, the pain you have been dealing with in your wrist is truly concerning me. Can we go and have that evaluated so that I will stop worrying?”

You may well be pleasantly surprised at how easily your aging parent will agree, knowing that it helps you. If you continue to struggle with helping your senior loved one be aware of the need for appropriate medical care, turn to Amy’s Helping Hands. We are experienced in assisting families with getting through the often challenging transition to agree to assistance at home, and quite often the recommendation of an expert, unbiased 3rd party can make an enormous amount of difference in alleviating worries and moving the focus to the many benefits of in-home care. Call us any time at 519-915-4370 or contact us online