Windsor In-Home Care Offers Suggestion to Help with Parkinson’s Care from a Distance

Windsor In-Home Care Offers Suggestion to Help with Parkinson’s Care from a Distance

The days of extended families living together on neighboring plots of land are, sadly, a thing of the past in many cases. With loved ones spread further apart, it’s hard to provide the caring, hands-on support that older family members need, particularly when a chronic condition – such as Parkinson’s disease – adds to the concerns.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation provides these tips on helping loved ones with Parkinson’s from afar:

  • Get organized. Keep notes and details about medications, treatments, emergency contacts, and other aspects of your loved one’s care needs.
  • Stay in touch. Make a point to touch base with a daily call, email, text, or Skype, depending on which option is easiest and preferred by your loved one. Check in with your loved one’s primary caregiver too, who may be feeling burdened by the stress of providing care.
  • Arrange for help. Coordinate delivery of meals, assistance with yard work, or a professional home caregiver, such as Amy’s Helping Hands, to help with housecleaning, running errands, personal care, or other specific needs.
  • Visit when you can. Nothing beats face-to-face visits when they can be arranged. Utilize these times together to not only catch up on medical issues, but to provide some light-hearted conversation and laughter unrelated to the disease.

For more tips on ensuring your loved ones at a distance are thriving and well cared for, contact Amy’s Helping Hands, the Windsor in-home care experts, at 519.915.4370 to learn about our educational resources and professional and compassionate in-home care services for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Call us today to arrange an  in-home assessment to help keep your loved one independent and safe in the familiarity of home.