Providing Senior Care in the Home for a Loved One? Prevent Injuries with These Tips!

Providing Senior Care in the Home for a Loved One? Prevent Injuries with These Tips!

Even though the ultimate goal is to increase health and safety for the aging adults they love, family caregivers, unfortunately, typically end up diminishing their own health in the process. The truth is, an incredible 94% of caregivers in a recently available study conducted by Ohio State University documented musculoskeletal pain in more than one part of their body – and 66% revealed that this pain is affecting their quality of life. And know that a “family caregiver” can be anyone in the family who helps out another person with daily activities. 

At Amy’s Helping Hands, we know firsthand the amount of lifting, bending, and weight-bearing required in satisfying the care needs of a senior loved one, which is why each of our professional caregivers is well-trained in methods that safeguard both themselves as well as the loved one for whom they are providing senior care in the home. Injuries might result from even the most mundane of tasks that require more physical strength than you may realize: shopping and running errands, cleaning the home, performing laundry chores, cooking and especially transferring a senior loved one to a chair or bed.

To help family caregivers decrease the risk of injury, we offer the following recommendations:

  • Let assistive devices do the lifting. For senior loved ones with mobility issues, transfers, such as from a bed to a couch, represent one of the more common causes of injury to those caring for them. Not just that, but the risk of a loved one falling and obtaining a physical injury are heightened. Caregivers should look into equipment like a Hoyer lift to assist with safe transfers (but realize that proper training will be required).
  • Perform safe movement practices. We have all heard the adage, “Lift with your legs, not with your back,” but prior to lifting a finger, caregivers should take a quick assessment of their own physical status. If pain is felt in any of the joints or back, it’s an indicator that the body could have been pushed beyond its capacity – and a different method of helping the senior has to be explored.
  • Seek help. The easiest method to eliminate injury in caregiving is through understanding your limitations, and calling in professionals when warranted. The caregiving team at Amy’s Helping Hands is thoroughly experienced and skilled in supplying a complete range of senior care services, enabling family members and older adults alike to remain safe and well.

Reach out to our Windsor-Essex home care professionals at 519.915.4370 to request an in-home consultation. We can perform a safety assessment of the house, furnish resources that will help in your caregiving journey, and provide the fully customized, senior care in the home that allows families the opportunity to simply enjoy quality time with the seniors they love.