Client Testimonials

Amy, the office staff and my caregiver provide me with caring help of the highest professional calibre. They truly enhance my quality of life and give my family peace of mind when they take care of me and help me.

- Alice K – Client

I am a senior who had put in a call to Amy's Helping Hands for someone to help me in my home. The caregiver she sent me has become not only a great help but a wonderful friend. I just turned 100 years old in May.

- F.H. – Client

The care my elderly parents receive from the staff at Amy's Helping Hands is A1. They are compassionate, patient, punctual and very dedicated individuals. I can't say enough positive things about Amy and her staff and the care they provide.

- Lori D - Daughter of Client

Services are exemplary. Staff exhibits the virtues of compassion, kindness caring and willingness to assist. They have been very helpful to my mom and our entire family.

- Judy B - Daughter of Client

I expect good service with great care to my safety and needs. That is what I receive from Amy's Helping Hands. I wouldn't want anyone else.

- Rita S. - Client

Thorough house cleaning, Will take on an extra task willingly. My helper is excellent and asks questions if unsure to what extend the task needs to be done. Will help me with mechanical (how to) tasks such as how to use my paper shredder and helped me setup my cogeco phone and cable services. I would rate my my caregiver from Amy's Helping Hands as A+++ worker.

- Judy M - Client

My mother has Alzheimer's Disease and her care from Amy's Helping Hands is exceptional my mom enjoy's her time with her caregiver greatly.

- Sarah M. - Daughter of Client

Amy's Helping Hands allows me to stay in my home which is very important to me.

- Jack L – Client

My caregiver has gone above and beyond the services listed in your brochure. In particular she was invaluable in helping me out with a scam regarding my hot water tank – all on her own time. She has brought me "goodies" that she has baked herself. Then this past week she helped have a bracket installed on my fence to hold a firefly solar jar. She has also driven me to the cemetery and planted flowers for me on my parent's grave. A few weeks later before arriving at my home, she checked out the grave and cleaned up grass clippings.

- Patricia W – Client

Amy's Helping Hands has been a God send to my family. Being so far away from my grandmother is very difficult. But knowing that she is being cared for by her 2 caregivers and Amy's oversight lessens my worries and puts my heart at ease knowing how well she is being cared for! Thank you Amy & staff. God Bless you all.

- Ani D – Granddaughter of Client

My caregiver is great she is always on time, gets on with her tasks around the house and does things without my asking her. Thank you Amy's Helping Hands.

- Kathleen M – Client

Our mom's caregiver from Amy's Helping Hands provides her with a lovely weekly visit and shows her respect, kindness and enhances her life. They talk, laugh together and enjoy pictures and socializing. It is reassuring to know that she is receiving excellent care.

- Barb L – Daughter of client

Amy's Helping Hands provided our mother with the assistance she needed so she was not so dependent on her children who were all busy with jobs and family. Mom enjoyed going out socially to church or to visit her husband at the nursing home. Because of Amy's Helping Hands she did not have to give this up when she stopped driving. She was still able to make decisions on how she wanted to spend her time and her caregiver is a warm, kind and happy companion to her.

- Nancy L – Daughter of client

Our caregiver has been coming now for several months and has truly been a "God send" especially during my wife's incapacity. She is amazing around the house and is an amazing cook too!

- James G – Client

It gives me a good feeling of security to know that if I cannot be there for my parents in a time of need Amy's Staff will make sure they are safe and their needs are taken care of

- Trudy A. – Daughter

We are very thankful that we found Amy’s Helping Hands. It was exactly what we were looking for - The services are catered to the needs of my uncle. Amy and her staff are very professional and caring people who do everything they can to help and provide great service. My uncle who has been a bachelor all his life and very independent was adamant that he didn't need any help. However, by the end of the initial assessment visit he felt very comfortable with Amy and thought she was such a nice pers

- Susan S. – Orillia, On

I have been so fortunate to have my caregivers, because they do whatever I ask them to. They do their tasks well. It is the best money that I have spent in a long time. I am very satisfied, and my family is very pleased. They do the things that I am not supposed to do. They rescued me.


I have been recommending the agency constantly. I tell them you can retire in your home with Amy's Helping Hands. The first day they came to me. I felt peace in my heart, because I knew this agency was the right decision for me.


They are very nice and were on the ball all of the time.


They did everything right! I would get them again if I had to!


She shows her work ethic in different ways. It can be anything from us offering her coffee and her not taking it because it's not professional to showing up on time and sometimes being early. She goes above and beyond what we ask her to do. She anticipates my needs and does it without being asked.

- R.S. - MARCH

Our caregiver knows what she is doing. We went over what she has to do and she does whatever it is I ask of her. She is capable of it all.


Amy's Helping Hands is really professional. It's nice to keep the same caregiver. It makes it easier. It's hard having help. When it's the same person, it becomes more comfortable and easier to let someone help you.

- D.M. - MARCH

The best thing about Amy's Helping Hands is the quality of their caregivers! All of them are helpful, pleasant, and tolerant!

- C.S. - APRIL

M, the caregiver, just helps me so much! I appreciate her help! I've had her for over two years and I guess she knows all my intricacies and she's very helpful!

- C.T. - APRIL

I would definitely recommend Amy's Helping Hands to anyone who may need home care. If anyone need home care services right away, this agency is definitely the one to call!


The best thing about Amy's Helping Hands is that I feel very secure that my brother is being taken care of. I never have to worry!

- E.P. - MAY

I would highly recommend the services because their staff is cordial and the caregivers do their work along with anything that we ask them to do.

- M.E. - MAY

The overall quality of service has been excellent. I appreciate the promptness and attentiveness of the caregivers.

- H.S. - JUNE

I would definitely recommend Amy's Helping Hands because they did an excellent job at finding a caregiver that matches my mother's personality and is able to provide to her needs.

- D.G. - JUNE

Amy's Helping Hands has caregivers with great life skills, good rapport with seniors, and a good communication style.

- B.M. - JUNE

My caregiver does everything right! She is always here when she is supposed to be here, and she does what I ask her to do in an efficient manner.

- I. W. - JULY

I have recommended this agency to others many times. They are always there, and they give me peace of mind. I can go on vacations without any worries. They are very accommodating, and they have been very good at taking care of the client's needs. They are a local company, and I can always get a hold of someone.


This is a great service. The caregiver is very compassionate, and you can be assured that you will get good care from this agency. Even though it is a little expensive, it is worth it! It gives me great peace of mind having this agency for my mother.

- A.C. - JULY

The caregivers seem to see my mother as a person and like to talk to her, which is the main thing I was looking for. They check my mother's pills to make sure she has taken them and encourage her to take them if she hasn't already.


Amy's Helping Hands works to provide whatever service you need. They are pleasant, timely, and can provide a wide variety of services.


Amy's Helping Hands has very high quality personnel. I think the girls are excellent and they are well educated. The agency provides a good match in caregivers for the clients. Whatever they are doing is what we have needed. They aren't overworked and I think they are happy.


Amy's Helping Hands is a great organization that is very accommodating, helpful, and caring. They are an excellent service providing seniors and families with a great offering.


I would recommend Amy's Helping Hands anytime because my satisfaction with them is through the roof. They come through on their promises, they are prompt, and they are all around dependable people.


I wish that the agency's services spread around the county because I think there are so many people that need exactly what we got from them. If there were more Amy's in the world, then I think it would be a better place. Amy's Helping Hands is a well-run company.


The caregivers relates to us and respect that we are family. They try really hard to make it comfortable for my mom. They just really want to do that for us, and they do it. We can't be there twenty-four seven, so it has been a very good situation where they fill in like we would fill in.


I have two caregivers and I cannot complain about either. I enjoy their kindness and knowledge because they knew exactly what to do for me after I came home from the hospital. I had hip surgery, making me restricted on my movements, but the caregivers were very good in helping me get back to bed and helping me move around.


I could not give a high enough rating for my caregiver. The way that she talked to me was so great. I did not want anybody else, S. was so great.